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Halfdan E (Denmark)

composer Halfdan E
Notable Credits



1 series (6 x 60 mins) for Netflix
Directed by Mogens Hagedon for SAM Productions


8 series (50 x 60mins) for TV2
Multiple directors for TV2 Danmark


1 series (4 x 60 mins) for BBC One
Directed by Jessica Hobbs for Kudos Film and Entertainment


3 series (30 x 60 mins) for DR
Multiple directors for DR


Drama feature film trilogy for general release
Directed by Per Fly for Zentropa Entertainment


Danish Film Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Bench
Danish Film Academy Award for Best Original Score for Okay
Danish Film Academy Award for Best Original Score The Inheritance
Danish Film Academy Award for Best Original Score Manslaughter
Danish Film Academy Award for Best Song for Gummi

There’s no doubting that Halfdan E is one of Denmark’s premier film and tv drama composers. He has an immediately recognisable musical signature that fuses the most contemporary of electronica with classic orchestral sounds, creating a unique and engaging score that resonates across many genres and many periods.

A 4 times Danish Academy award winner Halfdan has scored in excess of 50 films and 20 prime time tv series.

Dividing his time between Copenhagen and London, Halfdan is a great ‘remote collaborator’ as well as a hands-on member of the production team and is always exceedingly happy to take the necessary trips to London – his favourite ‘home’.

Halfdan first burst onto the international market with his music for all 3 seasons of political drama Borgen – a series that ignited a global hunger for Scandinavian influenced drama and is still screened all over the world. A fourth season is currently in development with Netflix and will most likely be screened in 2022. In the UK Halfdan delivered and award-worthy score for BBC1’s highly acclaimed, psychological thriller Apple Tree Yard, directed by Jessica Hobbs for Kudos Film & TV, starring Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin.

Halfdan started his career in music as a bass player in many different Danish bands before joining the group Laid Back. The band’s international hits included Sunshine Reggae, Bakerman and White Horse. He later teamed up with the Danish poet Dan Turèll, and together they recorded 2 hit albums, winning 2 Danish Emmys. He was already an established rock star before studying for a degree at Copenhagen’s Rhythmic Music Conservatory, majoring in playing, composition, orchestration, arranging and sound engineering.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Lesley Jackson of UK Film Music Limited

Why hire a composer to produce your score.

All film makers, directors and game producers want really good music for their story and content, and can choose from getting stock music or hiring a composer.

A lot of filmmakers will choose the former simply because they find it easier and cheaper than dealing with a composer. After all, a composer usually will cost you anywhere from 5% – 10% of your budget. But there are some really strong reasons why you should hire a composer instead.

The music will fit your story.

You’ve gone through the agonising process of making sure every little detail has been followed. All of the late nights deliberating over the script, coaching the actors, and ensuring your DP has every shot planned and executed to run how you planned it. 

Music is just as important.

There have been great movies that just fell flat because the music just wasn’t good. Likewise, there have been some okay films that got a significant boost by having a great score.

A consistent and professional score applied to your scenes is transformative, and only adds to your story. Not to mention, its’ feel and design is more tailored for your vision.


The composer is your confidant and shares your vision.


As a filmmaker, the composer is one of the first few people that you will share your vision with.

A good composer will give you feedback on your story that you can’t get anywhere else, not just with music ideas, but ideas on your film as a whole. The synergy between a composer and a director is unmatched. As a filmmaker you have to interact with a lot of people. But composers generally care more about the director’s vision and the one on one relationship and bond created between the two.


Composers impress a special character and emotion for the film.


Point of view is so important with film scores and scenes. Good composers are always interested in this angle. How the music plays out in a scene, can be carried in so many different ways. If you have a scene where a victim is being strangled by a murderer, the point of view really dictates the music. If the point of view is the victim’s, then fright and shock could be applicable. Conversely, if the point of view is the murderer, then the music might display power and awe.  In addition, composers will offer contrasting point of views for you to think about. Maybe there wasn’t something you were thinking about when you made the film. Also, composers are interested in motifs and things that might hold scenes together. This is a more difficult concept to grasp at times, but once embraced can make your film even more professional and enjoyable to watch.


You don’t have to research or jump through hoops legally.


When you work with a composer, you will either have the full rights to a score, or a master license agreement. Either way, you know up front exactly what your options are as far as using the music.

Most composers will give filmmakers broad and open rights to use the music created in any way they see fit. And if it’s a work for hire, of course you own the rights to the music outright. If and when the time comes that you want to strike a deal with someone for your film, you know full well the music in your film can be used anywhere.


Finally, Composers become part of your team.


Sometimes establishing trust and communication can be difficult. But once established, it is something that you can rely on going forward. With each step you take as a filmmaker, you know that composer is with you. And the composers’ main goal is to help you tell that story in the most special way that it can be told.  The composer is someone who shares your vision, and ultimately wants to give you something they feel is special and unique just for you.